The Story Behind Okinawan Sandals
A few pairs of shima-zouri (Okinawan sandals), hanging alongside
bushels of bananas from the eaves of local shops. This everyday

scene has always been a familiar sight in Okinawa.
The shima-zouri has been the long-loved, default footwear of choice
for Okinawans since the 1960s.
In Okinawa, the prefix shima- is often attached to items of particular
local affection, such as shima-zake (Okinawan sake) and shima-uta
(Okinawan song). Shima-zouri has also earned the endearing prefix,
and is a ubiquitously popular choice for generations of Okinawans.
OKICHUʼs shima-zouri is proudly HANDMADE IN OKINAWA with the utmost care and attention using premium quality materials. The OKICHU shima-zouri molds to your feet to ensure long-lasting comfort. Experience the simple, barefoot lifestyle of Okinawa.
OKICHUʼs Manufacturing Philosophy
Every single step of the production process, from processing to
manufacturing, is completed with the utmost care and attention at our
ocean-view shop in Chatan, Okinawa. Shima-zouri: Loved in Okinawa. Made in
Okinawa. Because we love Okinawa and its shima-zouri culture, we ensure that
our products are Made in Okinawa.
Shima-zouri constitutes of two parts; sole and strap
We donʼt cut corners because they are simple. Shima-zouri are made of two parts; sole and strap. They are very simple, but difficult to mechanize. Therefore, every flip-flop is made by hand.
We wish to deliver the culture of Shima-zouri
We want to spread the beauty of Shima-zouri because they can be worn year-round in Okinawa.
Simply slip them on and they become more comfortable as you wear them.
They come in fun designs and may be worn by a wide range of people, from little kids to senior
adults. OKICHU delivers the happiness of being able to spend your island life in your Shima-zouri,
Selected materials
OKICHU “Shima Zouri” carefully selects the materials used in our company factory in Okinawa,
made with care by our craftsman. See the quality for yourself. Itʼs something that you can wear
every day.
Lots of Colors & Superior Craftsmanship
19 colors available for the sole, and 12 color variations for the strap. Available sizes are between
15 cm to 29 cm. We also provide laser engraving, and original prints.
OKICHU aims in pursuit of beauty and design.