I use my shima-zouri as indoor slippers.
Even during the winter, the widely popular shima-zouri doubles as indoor slippers. Itʼs easy to slip on and off with five-toed socks. With the right choice of colors from our wide selection, you can create a uniquely chic pair of shima-zouri.
My wife and children gave me a pair of shima-zouri imprinted with my name for Fatherʼs Day!
Our shima-zouri is perfect for gifts! Itʼs easy to personalize with name and design imprints, making it a popular choice as a present for loved ones. The 5Fingers type is sure to leave a fun first impression with its unique sole shape.
Kids and shima-zouri is the best combination, ever!
Kids grow up fast, and our shima-zouri grows right with them. OKICHUʼs shima-zouri are designed to be broken in for more comfort, and gives durable support right at their feet!
Root for the team in custom-made pro baseball shima-zouri!
Okinawa is home to many Japanese pro baseball training camps. OKICHU designs custom pro baseball shima-zouri. Root for your favorite team in shima-zouri!
Matching shima-zouri for the hula team♪
Order matching shima-zouri for your hula dance team, or any other type of team. Have fun matching colors, shapes, and customize it with your name! Finding your pair in the backstage chaos is a breeze with name-imprinted shima-zouri♪
Place a custom message shima-zouri on the welcome board.
Many couples decorate their welcome board at resort weddings with message-imprinted shima-zouri. Surprise your guests with a gift of shima-zouri.